About PAC

Welcome to Prague! – Herzlich Wilkommen in Prag! – Bienvenidos a Praga! – Bienvenue à Prague!

Welcome to the official website of the Prague Association Centre! The place to be if you are an association looking to have a base in Prague – this is the central institution that represents a valuable resource of association services that would like to further develop their activities in or from Prague. The Prague Association Centre is a platform for partnerships and collaboration of associations with educational/academic institutions and businesses. The Prague Association Centre strongly believes that cooperation and networking will bring new opportunities for growth and development for all above mentioned stakeholders and access to the new markets.

There are amazing benefits by being based in Prague, the heart of Central Europe, and such opportunities to build strong local/international partnerships. Our goal is to unite international professional associations with local businesses.


The institution of Prague Association Centre was established in 2016. The inspiration for creating this project in Prague was founded via similar activities that take place in other international cities like Dubai, Brussels, Singapore and Washington DC. All of these cities feel the need to support the partnership and cooperation among associations, educational and scientific institutions, and businesses within its location. Based on this data and the ever-growing international population and associations in Prague, we strongly believe that this project will be highly successful here in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the institution is to provide support for professional associations by developing their activities, facilitating contact and networking with local businesses, catering to members, and last but not least, finding necessary resources and suppliers who hold successful meetings in Prague. The Prague Association Centre will gladly cooperate with any nonpolitical and nonreligious professional associations.

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has grown immensely over the years in being a host for international meetings. In large part of its beauty, its central and convenient location in Europe, the vastly growing English speaking population, and lower costs associated with conference fees, Prague is rapidly becoming the number one host city in Central Europe.


The Prague Association Centre wants Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to be recognized as an international association hub offering a unique value through cooperation and networking with local educational/academic institutions and businesses.


The mission of the Prague Association Centre is to create a sense of community, develop key connections, and share relevant knowledge among local businesses and associations based in Prague. Through networking, PAC will find new opportunities for growth and development for all above mentioned stakeholders.


  • Promote Prague as a hub of international professional associations
  • Create a sense of community within the local business environment and international associations
  • Support the needs of businesses and associations in an effective and efficient manner
  • Build relationships with key players to expand the growth of the institutions that can then better serve the needs of the international business community
  • Help to establish Prague as a top global destination for international business/executive committee/board meetings
  • Build strong relationships with partners and cooperate with them to offer the best services available


Prague Association Centre
Na Pankráci 17
140 00 Prague 4 Czech republic


Contact person: Nela Husoňka
Phone: +420 720 070 606
E-mail: info@pragueac.org